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  • Choose a good topic
  • Do a research for sources
  • Write a catchy introduction
  • Structure the essay body
  • Summarize the essay in the conclusion
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Why Do So Many Students Decide to Buy An Essay Online?

We can point to a number of reasons why students decide to buy an essay online. Some students buy essays online because they don't have a lot of time to write the essays due to a lack of good time management skills or due to the fact that emergencies occur and these keep students from composing their own essays. Other students purchase essays online because they are not motivated to complete assignments and they would rather take the easy way out. Still some other students purchase essays online because they struggle to write good essays and there is a lack of support from school officials. With that said, it is still not the best choice to buy essays online.

Purchased Essays Lack Your Expertise and Opinion

When you hire an essay writing service to do the work for you, the reader of your essay gets cheated because you're not presenting an original work that states your expertise and opinions. The professor deserves to see your hard work because he spends each week pouring into you academically so that you can become an independent scholar. By purchasing essays online, you're not thanking the professor for what he taught you in class.

You Don't Learn The Way You Should

The purpose of writing a well-organized essay is so you can actively learn how to build research skills and engage the texts you read so that you will know more about the topic than you did before starting the research. Buying an essay online hinders this process and you are not learning the important skills that prepare you for the work world.

Some Writing Services Are Unethical

Another reason why you should think twice about buying essays online is because some writing services cannot be trusted and there are a few writers who work for these services that plagiarize essays and deceive you into thinking that it was original work. If you plan to publish the essay, this spells trouble for you because the original author of the work could sue you for copyright infringement, costing you thousands of dollars.

While buying essays online may save you time and be affordable, you shouldn't do this because it is not good for your integrity. You want to get the most out of your college education since you probably took out hefty loans to fund it. Don't cheapen your degree by taking the easy way out; work as hard as you can on the essays and if you need assistance, get help from  the professor.