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Top 10 Essay Topics and Ideas

Stop – don’t go anywhere! Keep reading – it’ll change your life! That’s, at least, what you may want people to feel when they read the first few sentences of your essay. essay topicsWith imaginative urgency, you want them pulled in to your academic intrigue – because if you really want to capture the attention of your essay reader, you need to snag their interest from the first word. However, the best opening line can’t veil a boring topic. Readers end up feeling pretty deceived and disgruntled when they discover your life-changing essay is a boring examination of the mitosis process. If you have the leniency to pick your own essay topic, why not choose something exciting? Below are some of the top 10 essay topics and ideas of today offered by – ideas that are relevant, catchy, controversial or just plain interesting.

1. Relationships and sexual relations.

Gay marriage? Divorce? Family? An essay on any of these topics – topics that really hit home, not matter who the reader is – are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

2. Terrorism.

In today’s world, terrorism is a huge hot topic. Address an aspect of this political, social and religious issue to make your readers thoroughly enraptured by your essay.

3. The death penalty.

This topic has been a golden essay idea for centuries. Americans (and even individuals around the world) are still divided nearly evenly on the use of the death penalty.

4. Media’s effects.

Media, including cell phones, video games, television and the internet have an immovable place in our lives. Anyone from any walk of life would be interested to hear your opinions on the effects of such media.

5. Legality of marijuana.

Like the death penalty, the idea of marijuana legality has been debated and discussed for years. Thousands of citizens have opinions and testimonies that support either side of the argument (whole states, in fact, have shown their approval or disapproval).

6. Healthcare.

There’s so much discussion and debate on this topic, it’s become a national concern. Your essay will capture attention simply because healthcare is so essential to survival!

7. Politics.

Since man first invented it, politics has brought a lot of interesting ideas, scandals, achievements and debates to humanity’s stage. Contribute your ideas and people are guaranteed to read!

8. School.

Oh, education. Everyone has their opinion on it, and everyone thinks they know a better way to deliver learning. Pose your opinions on the education system (it’s functionality, it’s degree of impact, etc.) and you’re sure to see some ears perk up.

9. Science and religion.

There’s a lot of debate about the relationship of science and religion; add your two cents and make your essay memorable!

10. Gender issues.

Everyone is either male or female, so issues involving gender are bound to affect a massive percentage of your audience. Pick gender issues that are serious hot topics, and you’ll draw in an intrigued mass of readers.