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Writing Assistance: Great Ideas To Use As Essay Topics For Macbeth

One of the most popular plays written by Shakespeare was Macbeth. This sorrowful and dark work is required reading for most high school students. Because of this many students are also required to compose papers about this play whether that be a literary analysis, critique, or other work of writing. The problem arises when everyone in the class is required to compose a paper on Macbeth. This leaves each student with the task of finding unique topics over the same play. There are several trick and tips that you may use to select subtopic related to the overall topic of Macbeth. In this article I will provide you with some of these tricks as well as some examples for topics to write about this play.

How to find a topic

There are several things that you can do to more easily select a topic to write about this play or any other work for that matter. They are great tools to make writing not only easier but more enjoyable. These include…

  • Brainstorm (In this step you will think about the plot for the play Macbeth and brainstorm ideas about anything (especially questions) that could possibly relate to the play. For example, was Macbeth crazy? Was his wife to blame for their ultimate demise?)
  • Talk to a friend (I know that it may not sound like the most interesting topic of conversation but simply talking about the play to classmates may help you to stimulate ideas for writing topics. Plus, just think how smart you will sound if you and a friend are sitting in a coffee shop discussing English literature.)
  • Daydream (This approach requires some imagination. This is where you think about the characters and their actions and personalities. Then, you will think about what they would have done should the story have gone another direction.

Each of these things can help you to come up with ideas about topics that are relevant to this particular play. Again, they can also be used for other topics.

Sample Topics

For your convenience, (especially if you are the type that procrastinates until the last minute.) listed below are some sample topics for Macbeth.

  • Macbeths Sanity
  • A psychological analysis of the characters of Macbeth
  • Death to all: a comparative essay of the deaths in Shakespeare’s writings
  • Lady Macbeth: an usher of demise
  • The witches’ prophecy: did superstition influence decisions that led to Macbeth’s untimely end?

As with choosing a topic for any essay there are certain things that you can do to make the process easier. By trying some of the strategies listed above or even using one of the premade topics, you will be able to create an essay over Macbeth with increased ease and reduced stress.