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The Impacts of Poverty on the Environment

The environment may suffer when poverty is an issue with surrounding citizens. There are different areas to tackle depending on how you view the situation. Poverty deals with shortage of necessary things needed to live a healthy lifestyle. There can be a shortage of food, clean water, and other resources needed in order to maintain well-being of not just you and your loved ones, but how things in your environment are maintained. For some areas, it is likely poverty is present when buildings, homes, and other area structures look run down and old. Small and large cities have citizens that live in poverty and in most cases you can tell from the way the surrounding environment looks. If you think about a suburb there are homes and structures that are newly built with plush lawns and gardens. People in these areas likely earn a certain amount of money that allows them to maintain a good way of living. When enough money is earned it is also fair to say consumers are happy with their lifestyles while seeing them easier to maintain with a career they enjoy. They are more likely to exercise, eat healthy, and be more involved with what is going on in their environment. This may be different from an area with poverty.

In areas where poverty is present you may not see as many homes and buildings with a new look. Many areas are often run down with old homes and buildings, with some literally falling apart and even with broken windows. Such areas may have higher crime rates with criminals and thieves taking things that do not belong to them such as vehicles, money, and other valuable they can get their hands on. These areas may give the impression they do not care about their surroundings, but this is not always the case.

For some, it may cost more than they can afford to improve the grounds around them with local law enforcement dealing with similar financial woes. In many cases poverty can have a dramatic effect on an environment that can take years to improve depending on the needs of the area. When people have other concerns such as how to pay for food, utilities, or their health needs, the environment around them may be the last thing they are thinking about.