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Business Ethics in Organizational Design and Structure

There are many things to consider when building a code of ethics for an organization. The mission and vision of the organization should be considered as the basis for the formation of this code of ethics. The code of ethics is the ethical code that will govern the organization throughout the process of its inception and expansion. This code of ethics will guide the organization and will allow the organization to stay true to its mission and vision, while protecting its employees and ensuring that personal and organizational goals are aligned.

Organizations need to have a code of ethics that will help their employees understand the values of the company. It is important that employees have a code of ethics to follow, as it allows them to understand expectations for the workplace and lets them feel comfortable in the larger role that they are playing through their specific job at the organization. Ethical codes not only outline how the employee should perform in relation to the organization, but also the relationship of the employee to fellow employees and superiors within the organization. It is also important that the goals of the organization are clearly outlined so as to create a guideline for action within the company. These goals allow employees to act within a larger organizational structure in order to fully contribute their knowledge not only on a departmental level, but also on the larger organizational level. Along with guidelines, it is important to note the overall goals of the organization and how the cooperation from employees assists in the overall goal attainment for the organization. Each employee should be able to recognize their personal place within the organization, as well as their position in the larger context of achieving organizational goals and successes.

It is essential that organizations create a structured environment when employees feel comfortable and informed. Employees want to know that they are an integral part of the company’s ability to achieve its overall goals in the short and long term. This requires the employees to be well informed and educated about the organization and it management decisions and strategic practices. Employees who are well informed will feel knowledgeable and powerful in their position and will feel comfortable consulting with management to reach the departmental and organizational goals. Information and clarity are powerful within the workplace, and the code of ethics helps to distribute and clarify information.