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Is it legal to order an essay on the web?

Are you contemplating buying an essay online for use as a sample, a template, or in place of writing an essay on your own for a class? You may be concerned about the legality of such a process. Some essay writing services have websites that seem questionable or sketchy, and the act of buying a paper that someone else has written feels illicit for most people.

However, you may be surprised to learn that buying and selling essays on the internet is completely legal in essentially every country in the world. If you are seeking an essay writing company to help you with a challenging assignment, you have no reason to fear any kind of legal recourse. Of course, there are some other, non legal consequences you might potentially face. Here’s a guide to the ways and means of buying essays online.

Ordering Essays is Paying for Freelance Writing

Legally speaking, there is nothing punishable about ordering an essay from an online service or private contractor. Why is this the case? The answer is simple: there is no victim in this transaction. As long as you are ordering an essay to be written, on demand, by a freelance writer who has agreed to your terms of business, there is nothing illegal taking place.

Hiring an essay writer to compose a paper for you in return for a fee is essentially the same as a web magazine hiring a writer to put together a piece of journalism. You may hash out a contract with your writer, set specific terms, and pay them once they have fulfilled those terms of the agreement. As long as the essay is brand new and not stolen from a third party, and as long as you pay the amount your promised, you have no reason to fear.

When is it Illegal?

There are a few minor exceptions to this rule. You can get in legal trouble if you sign a contract with a freelance writer and then refuse to pay or otherwise ignore the terms of legal agreement. This is true of every contract, however, and is not unique to ordering papers online. As long as you pay fairly and on the schedule you promised, you will be fine.

Another exception is buying stolen essays. If you purchase an essay that was written in the past by another student, and which is being sold without that student’s knowledge, you are engaging in intellectual property theft, which is punishable as a crime. However, in most instances the essay thieves and sellers are the ones who are punished, not the purchasers, who likely had no idea they were engaging in illegal activity.