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A List of Fresh Topics to Write a Narrative Essay on

Narratives can be fun. They are about you. And there is no one you know better than yourself! You can make the narrative easier and more fun by picking unique and creative topics. Use the list below for narrative topic inspiration the next time you are assigned a narrative in class.

Narrative Topic Ideas

  • - Explore unique professions that you are interested in: maybe you want to be a fighter pilot or a pro-athlete, talk about how you are going to achieve this goal
  • - Most embarrassing moment: it is entertaining and cathartic to write about most embarrassing moments-everyone has one
  • - Your favorite meal: yum, yum
  • - Lessons learned: many colleges assign this topic as their entrance essay topic because of the revelations and discovery resulting from writing it
  • - Pretend stories: fantasy and dystopian pretend narratives are fun: be someone else in an alternate world
  • - If: a good IF essay can be fun…you get to decide the IF topic
  • - I shouldn’t have: talk about a mistake you made, how you handled it, if you knew you should not have done it, and the resulting knowledge gained
  • - One day in the life of: discuss one day of your life from waking to going to bed, these are always entertaining papers
  • - If I was teacher or president (or any other big job) for the day: talk about how you would perform the job and how things might be a bit different with you in charge
  • - If animals could talk: write a narrative about your “talking” animal and what he or she is saying
  • - I don’t understand: sometimes the mere misunderstanding or lack of understanding of a simple concept can make for a funny paper: really, how do airplanes stay in the sky?
  • - My talent: discuss your talent
  • - If I was a superhero: which one would you, what would be your super powers, and why did you select this superhero?
  • - Best meal ever: describe in great detail the best meal you ever had
  • - I am unique because: explore yourself a little bit
  • - If I could go back in time for a day: where and when would you go…. and why then

Use these entertaining narrative topics the next time your teacher assigns you a narrative essay. You can also use these topics to help inspire you to come up with a creative topic of your own. Have fun!