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5 Helpful Essay Proofreading Tips

So you have completed your research and composition of your essay and now there stands before you the task of proofreading and putting the well versed text into final format. Many students find proofreading to be difficult since they have just spent endless hours composing the essay and have read the content over and over again while writing. But the final proofreading is a vital final step before the submittal of an essay and should be taken very seriously. Here are 5 tips for proofreading your essay.

Tip One

Do not attempt to proofread your essay immediately after you have completed writing it. It is very helpful and indeed constructive for you to walk away from your writing for an extended period of time before going through the proofreading process.

Tip Two

When you begin proofreading you want to keep in mind what exactly is the message you are trying to convey and be certain that you have done that in a smooth easy way to allow the reader to follow along without confusion or the development of questions. Be certain that you have used proper transition words and phrases that connect your sentences and paragraphs together in an easy to follow fashion so that you are not losing your reader along the way.

Tip Three

Pay close attention to your formatting and be certain you have followed all the instructions given by your professor with regard to spacing, font, margins, subheadings and the likes. Providing a document filled with proper formatting shows the teacher that you are capable of recognizing and following specific instructions.

Tip Four

Be certain that you perform a proper grammar and spelling check of all your content. After all you want to be graded on your ideas and written content and receive a grade of merit for your works and it would be very disheartening to not acquire that merit simply because of the improper use of grammar and punctuation or consistent misspellings.

Tip Five

Confirm that you have used proper layout of your paper and have presented all required sectors in proper sequence not omitting any vital part of the document. Most essays consist of an introduction, a body to the essay and a conclusion. You want to be certain that you have included all these components in proper sequence and that your content from one section to the next is presented in chronological order flowing smoothly, to allow your teacher to follow along, interpret the text you have written and feel compelled to grade you based on your obvious efforts and skills.