Essay Writing Guide

  • Brainstorm topic ideas
  • Choose a good topic
  • Do a research for sources
  • Write a catchy introduction
  • Structure the essay body
  • Summarize the essay in the conclusion
  • Proofread and edit is your reliable partner in essay and research paper writing.

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How to Gain Essay Writing Skills

Let’s face it – writing is not everyone’s strong suit. Some people can take apart computers, some can paint pictures, some can sing and some can write. For those that aren’t the ‘Shakespeares’ of their class, essay assignments can be a real headache. However, even the most incompetent essay writer can improve enormously with a few simple tricks. By following these carefully tested procedures, it is, in fact, possible to improve your essay writing skills! With almost 80% of you academics requiring some form of essay writing in their curriculum, you can’t afford not to take some writing advice! Check out the tips below to help improve your writing ASAP.

Know what you’re writing about

If you don’t fully understand the assignment, then good luck getting other to understand it! Always make sure you understand what an assignment is asking you to do before starting the writing process. Also ensure that you understand the topic of the assignment. If you’re unfamiliar with the general subject area of your essay, do some research and get familiar – it helps you communicate better in your writing.


Gather you information and make plan for your essay. The best way to do this is by using an outline. Separate the different points to your essay in an organized way. You’ll need an introduction, body paragraphs that support your thesis or argument, and a conclusion that sums up your findings. Stay organized and make an outline for each of these parts – it will help you write a better-composed essay in the long run. Plus, you can group similar ideas into the same paragraph, making for a better organized and better flowing essay.

Be clear

Essays usually fail because, most of the time, authors forget that their audience may not completely understand the topic from the get-go. You have to ensure that your question, thesis or argument is clearly and simply presented.

Create drafts

For some people, it takes a long time to even write one draft of an essay – the thought of creating multiple drafts freaks them out. However, it’s essential that you write drafts so that you can revise and improve the essay. To make the workload easier, just write drafts of paragraphs. This will separate your work out and you won’t be writing quite as much in one sitting.

Get reviewed, edited and proofread

This may be hard for you to do on your own, especially if English grammar and spelling rules aren’t exactly your area of expertise. However, finding a way – whether by yourself or with outside help – to review, proof and edit your document is probably the best step you can take towards better essay writing.