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Searching for Successful MBA Essay Examples

People have been doing it since the Internet, trying to figure out what makes an excellent example to be able to follow for admissions into a Master’s of Business Administration into top colleges.

Here are four items to remember when searching for successful MBA essay examples:

College Websites

As weird as it sounds, some colleges have examples on their websites of excellent essays that have gotten students admitted into their programs. They also have the requirements on their websites as well in order to help want to be graduate students get into their program.

Websites with .com, .org, and .edu

The rule of thumb has been that as long as a website has these three extensions that that are great to use. The problem is that some will use sites like Wikipedia, which is edited on a constant basis with no telling what is true and what is not. Dot org and .edu are the safest bets. Not all .com websites are reliable sources, but if it is a government agency or a newspaper or some sort of media outlet, then it is a good bet they are reliable and credible.


Sometimes less keywords that are placed in the search box the better. Someone can end up with looking at an example that they thought was a good essay but then come to find out it is a term buying website.

So what can you do?

You can go to sites like, that explains what makes an excellent essay for getting admitted into a MBA program. But make sure that if you go to click the key words that are highlighted that it does not take you to a site that could your computer to get a virus.

As suggested before, universities will put up examples on their website to help potential new students. For example, Wharton University has a site that comes up when the words are typed into the search box that not only gives the student access to the application, but also what they are looking for and samples essays.

The bottom line: when looking into an MBA program at a college, be sure that you know what the requirements are in order to be a successful applicant. Then go out on the internet and search for those types of elements as well as looking at different universities websites for essay examples of students that have been successful at being admitted.