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Top 20 persuasive argument essay topics for college

In college, you are often assigned papers which leave you with little room to express your opinion. Fortunately, there is the persuasive essay. The persuasive essay allows you to argue a point you feel strongly about to the reader; but it's not enough to pick your own topic - you must pick a topic which is going to get you a good grade. Here are the top twenty topics for a persuasive papers.

  1. 1. The death penalty should be banned -
  2. A never ending debate.

  3. 2. The age of consent should be lowered to sixteen -
  4. A good choice if you're a younger student.

  5. 3. Should students have to recite the pledge of allegiance? -
  6. Increasing support for the "No" argument.

  7. 4. Should gay marriage be legalised? -
  8. Unless you are very talented, you will come off as a bigot arguing against this.

  9. 5. Should gays be allowed in the military? -
  10. Decades old debate, again, it will be hard to argue against.

  11. 6. Should homework be abolished? -
  12. After several hours writing your paper, this will seem real attractive.

  13. 7. Should marijuana be legalised? -
  14. Marijuana is being legalised everywhere with no negative results.

  15. 8. Should the pumpkin spice latte be in Starbucks all year round? -
  16. Yes. Yes it should.

  17. 9. Should the law be dictated by religious teachings? -
  18. Some beneficial teachings, some down right awful.

  19. 10. Should children be taught about Santa? -
  20. Should we deny children the magic of Christmas in the name of reality?

  21. 11. Should we spend more money on the homeless? -
  22. A good choice for anyone passionate about their fellow man.

  23. 12. Should government be run like a business? -
  24. Many people feel that government would be more affective if it were run like a business.

  25. 13. Should we have to pay for water? -
  26. Currently very hotly debated in Ireland.

  27. 14. Should alcohol be made illegal? -
  28. A favourite of radical Christians.

  29. 15. Should there be a female president? -
  30. There is no clear answer to this.

  31. 16. Should there be harsher punishment for those who illegally download music?
  32. In theory, yes; but it's so damn convenient.

  33. 17. Should the drinking age be lowered to 16? -
  34. It would take all the fun out of underage drinking.

  35. 18. Should children be homeschooled? -
  36. Would this affect their social skills?

  37. 19. Should schools provide free birth control? -
  38. It would make Biology more interesting.

  39. 20. Should burning the flag be illegal? -
  40. An ongoing debate between the patriots and the regular people.