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Providing real–life examples when writing descriptive essays

When students have difficulty writing descriptive essays, it’s often because they are depending too heavily on using adjectives alone to describe the topic of their essay. This can lead to fatigue in their writing as well as making it difficult to write an essay with good flow of the appropriate length. One strategy for overcoming this is the use of real-life examples when writing your descriptive essays. Real-life examples are a great resource for writing descriptive essays, and they can be used in two major ways: as topics as well as descriptive tools.

  • Real life examples as topics
  • Real-life examples provide the best topics for descriptive essays for one simple reason: you know the most about how to describe them. You carry an enormous amount of descriptive knowledge in regards to the things you’ve encountered in real life, whether or not you realize it. By using this knowledge to your advantage, in choosing real-life topics, you’ll find that you know more than enough about describing the object or topic to write a thorough essay. When you start with an example from real life as your topic, you can draw on your own personal experience for the bulk of your material, and then research or get creative with the rest. When you use a topic you have no real life experience with, you’re hindering yourself from the start.

  • Real life examples as descriptive comparisons
  • You can also make writing your descriptive essays significantly easier by using comparisons rather than relying on direct description. This can make your essay far more engaging to read, and in addition, make it easier to organize and adds to the material you can use so it’s long enough. For example, if you are describing the lights of a carnival from a distance, think about other types of lights they might resemble, like those of a large city, the stars, cars on a highway at night, and so forth. Because you can spend a bit of time describing each example as well, you’ll find your essay is fleshed out more fully, more quickly, than if you simply described the topic directly.

Describing real life topics via real life examples has another advantage. One of the main goals when writing a descriptive essay should be ensuring that it feels authentic to the reader. When you describe things based on your personal experience, it’s more authentic.