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La Sagrada Familia

It has been termed as Barcelona’s most famed landmark. A piece of art that has taken over a century to finish, a mishmash of modern and ancient, a combination of the natural and supernatural which serves to link Christians with their faith. From a far, it is like a gem in Barcelona’s skyline. From outside, a display of great thought, imagination and passion greets you. This great piece of art, in the name of a church, is so dense with fervor that it seems to compress the entire natural and the supernatural in its structure; a church so full of life even with no one inside.

La Sangrada Familia is a Catholic Church in Barcelona, Spain, whose architectural design and initial stages of work are attributed to Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish Catalan architect. This wonder in Barcelona has been carried from one architect to another for over a hundred years.  It is built in a neo-gothic style with pointed gothic arches, the towers are decorated with fantastic flowers and the pinnacles rupture into bunches of fruits. It has three facades; the nativity, the passion and glory facades with eight towers that rise above 100 meters. The nave accommodates a choir of 1,500 people. It is filled with details of bible scenes, the saints, forests, fruits, reptiles, stone, inscriptions, flowers, the list keeps growing.

At the entrance, the giant catenry arches proffer a welcome as they stretch their weird arms; a gesture that seems to invite one to see more. The view at the entrance is intriguing; the ways the columns are mirrored to look like trees and branches. The detail reminds one of the way water falls from leaves and trees on a rainy day. When standing at an angle, the pillars looks like trees in the forest, this is because Gaudi has used the 5 standard type of a design. The most interesting thing about the pillars is that they are built from top down. One of the greatest features of the church’s interior is the crucifix; it receives illumination from a huge sky light positioned hundreds of feet above it to look like it is digital.

I must say that Gaudi represented the bible in stone in this piece of work. Other pieces of work have been acclaimed, but this piece of work is ruthlessly unique. It has a wooing demand for a personal connection.