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How to write a critical essay: what is the key to success?

Critical essays are also referred to as literary reviews or analyses, because they provide an analytical eye on a piece of literature. Like analytical essays, critical essays have a few basic requirements that will help you succeed on the assignment. These are the keys to success:

Follow the essay format: Make sure that your essay is written in the proper format. This means that you should have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The introduction requires the use of a good thesis, as well as a clever hook. The body paragraphs need to support the thesis and the essay should close with a conclusion that wraps up the essay.

Develop a strong thesis: The thesis statement is the controlling statement of your critical essay, so with a little extra effort you can set yourself up to write a high quality statement. Too many students have problems with their essays because their thesis statement acts more like a summary. Your thesis should include your own ideas and opinions about the text, so that you can prove it in the rest of the essay. If you have been given a question to answer in the essay, use the answer to the question to create the thesis.

Provide some summary: Your audience does need to have some background to the literary piece that you are critiquing, so you will need to summarize the story at some point in the essay. Details about the story will be revealed in the body paragraphs, so many people will work their summaries into the introduction as a way to connect the hook and thesis together. This tends to work, especially if the summary is only a few sentences in length.

Never give away the good stuff: Most critiques are written with the idea of recommending the piece of literature to other readers. A rule of thumb for all literary essay writing is that you never give away anything in the text that would give away the turning point and beyond in the novel. Most readers accept details about the introduction of story, but many are still angered when too much rising action is provided, too. Just stick to the details that inform the reader about the story without giving away anything vital.

Follow directions: Your professor is the one who will grade you, so be sure to follow all of the instructions if you really want to be successful on the project.