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8 Suggestions On Writing An Essay About Texting While Driving

“Texting while driving” is one of the most common and popularly chosen topics for students. Although it seems pretty much easier to incorporate the fundamental ideas of the topic into a whole, those who are going to spend some time in writing on it need to be wary of the fact that they, throughout their write-ups, identify its nature, the associated effects and possible solutions in case of problems, etc.

Before you start...

It is important that you outline the essay with all parts and sections. Here are two suggestions to follow.

  • Initially, you can identify whether your topic is all about problems that need attention or it is just a simple day-to-day activity without any foreseeable harm.
  • Practically speaking, the habit is dangerous because of the many events of accidents which are linked to it. Once you have identified the topic’s nature; you should move forward with the actual writing process.

This is how you can start…

The following six tips will help you to write the essay with precision.

Writing an intro that showcases the entire content idea in brief:

You can start off with a surprising statistic showing the number of deaths caused just due to texting while in a vehicle. To state why people feel the necessity of texting when driving, you can give a short historical overview of the activity along with a very short 1-2-sentence timeline. The intro should contain a brief discussion of the problems that texting while driving may cause. It is also good to state the most attractive solution to this problem. You can also put your suggestion to devise systems to prevent texting.

Writing the first paragraph:

Attention! You have entered the body of the content. Mention some places wherein it is prohibited to text while driving. Also, add some brief sentences to show how this has helped people in those areas. You can also propose that no individuals should be allowed to text while driving. You can also discuss the ways to implement this, talking to the local authority or parliament members or congressmen.

Writing the second paragraph:

This paragraph should discuss some discrepancies which are still prevalent in those states wherein texting while driving is disallowed. Try to figure out the number of people or their percentage breaking the law. Name a few devices which disable cell phones as the vehicle starts moving. An example would sum up your idea nicely.

Writing the third paragraph:

This paragraph should contain ideas of self-driving vehicles.

Writing the conclusion:

You should restate your thesis, the problems mentioned and the solutions proposed. Then, finish your essay with a strong statement asking to know if a text is more valuable than a life.

Bringing the write-up into a whole statement:

As you know the content incorporates several sections, you should not unnecessarily elaborate any of them. Try to state everything clearly but precisely and briefly.