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Essay Writing Tips For Middle School Students: Are Prisons Effective?

An essay topic like “Are Prisons Effective?” is challenging for middle school students considering their exposure and understanding of recollection and criminal issues. The main challenge is likely to be the source of materials to support their argument. However, this can be overcome by seeking resources from the following sources.

Read Books

The school library contains numerous titles on prison life, recollection facilities as well as life after prison. These books are written from firsthand accounts by former prisoners or parties working with prisoners. Narratives by counselors, prison wardens, chaplains and other support staff provide vital information on prison life that can guide middle school students in the writing process. They provide valuable insights into the subject which will help the student in constructing the essay.

Listen To Experts

Middle school students might not understand the full intentions of recollection facilities to construct a plausible essay. Listening to experts in forums either on radio or television will provide the much needed information on prison life. There are seminars and presentations uploaded online on such themes for public debate. These are incredible resources for middle school students in their essay writing endeavor. If you know a pastor or warden who interacts with prisoners and prison authorities, you may consider paying him a visit.

Watch News Items

News items present unadulterated account of prison life. There are prison breaks, prison fights and former criminals who get involved in more criminal activities. Such scenes and occurrence underline the effect or result of prison life. They provide credible resources for the middle school students to base their conclusions regarding the effectiveness of prisons in recollection. Different television and radio programs also air stories about reformed prisoners who are doing marvelous works. It means that news items and channels will provide a balanced coverage of the situation or topic to adequately inform the student in his writing process.

Consult Your Teacher

Your teacher is an incredible source of material and guidance when writing an essay on the effectiveness of prisons. He will provide directions on where to get credible materials and how to use the information in constructing your paper. Being a teacher gives him the moral authority and responsibility to direct you in your class work.

The source of materials when writing any essay will determine the strength of the points given. Academically recognized sources like books and journals will provide more reliable data and information compared to other sources. The guidance of your teacher is invaluable when writing any academic paper.