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List Of Original Persuasive Essay Topics On Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a truth which is dogging people of differential societies; leave aside rural circuits; even the urban areas have not been left untouched by its harsh aspect. Needless to say, the motif brooks out numerous persuasive essay topics –

  • Physical and mental
  • Before you write the essay, you need to understand the psychosomatic effects that domestic violence has on the victim. The victim suffers continual whips and lashes for mere mistakes; such as not doing the house chores well. There is the additional trauma which the environment reeks out for him/her.

  • The case of patriarchy
  • Most of the countries still have patriarchal system in place and often, even kids are subject to atrocious domestic violence. You can bring the matter out to the fore in your argumentative essays.

  • Sentience of dilution
  • What tends to dilute the topic is that sometimes, the victims make mountains out of molehills and project even harmless entities in an unacceptable canvas. This does not mean that the cruel sentiment does not exist.

  • The mindset behind violence
  • You should labor to extricate and unravel the mindset behind domestic violence. Is it an aftermath of centuries of objectification of women? Is it an effect of alcoholism or depression? Is it solely because men are more powerful than women and seek ways to assert their dominance? Physical harm suits their portfolio better and thus the seeding of domestic violence.

  • Psyching out victims
  • You should create questionnaires to be answered by the victims in a comfortable environment. Your questions should be impacting in nature and moreover, you should make an attempt to get under the third skin of the victims so that their inner sentiments are revealed. You can write in your essay that while some women and children abhor violence, it is a perfectly natural trait for quite a few.

Here are 10 intriguing essay topics on domestic violence –

  1. Is the inherent mentality responsible for domestic violence?
  2. Does alcoholism take the major cut for domestic violence?
  3. Does domestic violence leave indelible mark on the heart of kids?
  4. Does domestic violence play a vital part in preparing future bullies?
  5. Does domestic violence breed egotistical and submissive kids?
  6. Do you really justify domestic violence?
  7. Assert measures to lessen scopes for domestic violence in your persuasive essay
  8. Is the effect of domestic violence more physical or mental?
  9. Is domestic violence more rampant in Europe or in Africa?
  10. What do you think holds out major effects; lashing or scolding