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Inspiring Ideas For Your Essay On Why Money Can't Buy Happiness

It is interesting that everyone on earth is chasing money in one way or the other. However, at some point, one feels that money is not everything that one needs in life. In fact there are incidences that make one wonder why people want more money yet those who have it do not appear happy. This forms an interesting topic for an essay. As you explore the topic, what ideas should you include in your paper?

  • The Toil Without Enjoying
  • People who acquire a lot of money have to work extra hours. This means that they have no realistic chance of enjoying the money that is rightfully theirs. This is an unfortunate situation that does not make sense at all. At least, if you have to be wealthy, it makes sense to enjoy that wealth.

  • Health Complications
  • Wealthy people are forced to work for long hours. This comes with pressure and health complications that negate the essence of having all the money. An unhealthy person is a sad person regardless of the amount of money in the bank. Your essay should explore how one can use the money to make life better for himself as it makes life better for others.

  • Too Much Money That is You Cannot Finish
  • Some people are wealthy to the extent that if they decided to spend their money, it cannot be finished. Your paper should explore the logic in such a situation. It should probe the essence of owning so much yet you only live a simple life that will end like that of any other person. In fact, you may consider using the examples of poor people who appear happier with the little or seemingly nothing that they own.

  • Waste by Children
  • Children of very wealthy individuals are known to be wasteful in their spending. This must cause their parents a lot of heartache. Some do not even spend time with their families. This negates the whole point of owning too much. Use your essay to provide a solution to such a scenario.

There are many more ideas that can be explored in the essay on why money does not lead to happiness. Consider the responsibilities, loss of personal space, threats to life, etc. All these ideas will make your paper captivating and interesting to read. You may also consider negating the assertion that money does not lead to happiness by providing proof that it does.