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How to Write an Exciting Al Capone Essay

Al Capone. His name inspires fear, wonder, and in some cases, nostalgia. More books and articles have been written on this iconic historical figure than many other les nefarious individuals. The mystery surrounding his life and his impact on American society has led many teachers and professors to include him amongst essay subjects. If you’ve landed the opportunity to write an Al Capone essay, you should be grateful – it’s one of the most subjects you may ever write an essay on! Remember, though, that even an essay on someone as fascinating as Al Capone can end up a boring mess if you don’t take preventative measures. To find out how to craft a truly exciting Al Capone essay, just review the general standards below.

Choose an Exciting Topic

There are a lot of safe topics when it comes to Al Capone – but talking about any of those won’t get you far. You want to choose something important and exciting. Think about it – Al Capone was involved with the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre; he had a tumultuous childhood and family life; he was a significant figure in the world of organized crime. How was he an important factor in the evolution of crime? How did he effect popular culture? What is his historical significance? There are literally hundreds of exciting topics on Al Capone, so don’t be afraid to choose one of your favorites!

Using Exciting Language

Al Capone was a famous, intriguing gangster, and there’s no reason your essay can’t reflect his fascinating lifestyle. Have fun with your Al Capone essay. When you’re delving into details from the mobster’s life, use colorful language and really bring the events to life. If possible, dive into a detailed story that supports your overall thesis – there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. The more exciting you write, the more captivated your reader will become. Plus, it will provide needed relapses from the standardized essay styling that most students are probably sick of!

It’s All in the Details

Exciting is built on your excitement – so make sure you’re inspired to write about Al Capone! At the same time, remember that details mean everything. Even if you have the most shocking stories to tell about Al Capone, they’ll fall on deaf ears if they’re riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. Don’t forget to edit and proof all of your work. This is an important standard regardless of your writing assignment, but it’s especially important if you’re trying to create exciting work. Remember, it’s all in the details – and it’s all based on your own enthusiasm!