Essay Writing Guide

  • Brainstorm topic ideas
  • Choose a good topic
  • Do a research for sources
  • Write a catchy introduction
  • Structure the essay body
  • Summarize the essay in the conclusion
  • Proofread and edit is your reliable partner in essay and research paper writing.

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How to write choice essays?

Students of all levels are assigned essay writing tasks at different points during their academic semester. Some of the students may prefer writing persuasive essays while others may like descriptive ones. There are many types of essays and usually students are introduced to new ones as they promote to higher close. In kinder garden all kids are supposed to write a few sentences on a very common topic and they are told it is an essay. They do not know that there are different types of essays as well. Students of high school and university are also supposed to write choice essays. Some of them get stressed on hearing the name of this essay because they had never heard of it before. However it is not difficult to write a choice essay. If you have written any kind of essay earlier in life then it will be very easy for you to write a choice essay as well. They are not alien to the students. If a student is assigned a choice essay in his college then he should first of all be confident about himself and follow the following steps.

Research the samples

If this is your first time in writing a choice essay then you must know the purpose and proper format of a choice essay. For this purpose you can search for samples and example essays on the internet. You may also find choice essays in the essays portion of a grammar book. By seeing various samples you will develop a clear idea of what are the key features of a choice essay and what style of writing is prefer for it.

Select a topic

You should then select a topic for your essay. Be sure to choose a topic that you feel passionate for. If you choose a topic that is too general or that cannot keep your interest for long then it will show in your writing. If the topic seems boring to you it will drive the reader away.

Make an outline

Before you actually start writing your choice essay it is important to make an outline. This will help you see what ideas you are going to include in your essay and what will be their placement. After you have made the outline 50 percent of your work is done. Now all you have to do is

  • Write the introduction
  • Make body paragraphs
  • Write a conclusion
  • Proof read your choice essay