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America is considered one of the greatest “melting pots” in the world because of the different cultures represented by Americans. There are not many countries like America who celebrate the diversity of their citizens and proud to do so. Despite, some current racial tensions between different races and cultures in the US, it is still the most welcoming place for individuals despite their cultural background. But, America has not always been tolerable of different races or cultures until recently, and there are still incidences of hatred and racial tension between different racial groups. There is a long history of mistrust between White Americans and Black Americans that stems from slavery times and Jim Crow times. Despite this tension, there have been great improvements in race relations between Whites and Blacks.

Many individuals from around the world love to settle in America because it is a very multicultural country. Go to any major city in the United States and you will always find the following multicultural make-up:

  • Every city has a “China Town”.
  • Every city has a “Little Italy”.
  • Every city has a large Jewish population.
  • Every city will have a large Latino population.
  • Every major city in America is made up of diverse group of races.

This shows how diverse and multicultural America has become in the past century. The United States has been a multicultural country since it became a free nation during the 18th Century. The United States was built on the concept that anyone can come here to live the “American Dream”. But, throughout history, multiculturalism has not always been embraced by many Americans. Here are a few reasons why multiculturalism has not always been embraced by some Americans (mostly White Americans):

  • Some Americans are fearful that different races of individuals are taking their jobs away.
  • Some Americans feel that the country is losing its true identity of being a “Christian Nation”.
  • Many people are fearful of change and the unknown.

Whether we like it or not the world is becoming smaller and smaller everyday due to the fact that individuals are moving to different parts of the world carrying with them their cultural practices, cultural beliefs, religious practices, and religious beliefs. Also, technology has played a major role in how individuals from different parts of the world interact with each other. Multiculturalism is an awesome thing that is occurring in the world for the following reasons:

  • It teaches individuals to be tolerant of other races, cultures, and religious beliefs.
  • It is ensuring that political relations between different countries are easier to develop and maintain.
  • There is nothing wrong with learning about someone else’s cultural beliefs and cultural practices.
  • Living in a diverse society is fun and interesting.